UK Residents

Joined up financial thinking,
based round human needs

Money. The old adage would have us believe that it’s what makes the world go round. But for many of us, the world of finance can leave the head spinning too.

So many funds, ever-changing legislation and practically a language of its own – it’s no wonder many people just want to leave their financial affairs to experts and hear no more about it.

But pensions, savings, protecting your family’s wealth and passing it on are all based on human impulses. So we bring a more human approach to helping you meet those needs successfully.

We also understand that cost is a very important aspect of any advice and we are pleased to offer a fee-based service, agreed in advance of any work starting, so clients can benefit from our service safe in the knowledge of what it will cost them and enable them to understand the value we bring to their financial planning. If you would like to discuss our fees in more detail, please contact us.

The benefits of RMS for UK clients

  • Based in Edinburgh and with over 25 years of experience in the domestic financial sector
  • Fully compliant and up to speed with all current and prospective legislative changes
  • From retirement planning (with or without annuity) to savings and investments
  • Unrivalled expertise in financial planning around family break-up