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Achieving financial independence for the future

In the UK, the average life expectancy for men and women continues to rise year after year. That’s great news until you stop to consider the reality of having to pay your way as you enjoy later life.

Fretting about how best to plan and fund retirement is nothing new. But what is new are rules on how you can take your pension – with an annuity no longer the only option when the time comes.

At RMS, we can help you make sense of it all. And again. by first talking through your individual situation and aspirations, we can then provide a solution better in tune with your needs.

About our retirement planning advice service

  • New pensions flexibility means more options and the need for advice to cut through and find the best option for you
  • SIPP, SASS, Personal Pension and Auto Enrolment, the Government likes to meddle with pensions – we can help you make the right choices
  • Why not use your pension to fund your business? We can help you understand the options