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Maximising returns and minimising costs

There’s a simple maxim we live by at RMS - we aim to add value by maximising your returns and minimising your costs. You don’t need to be a prize-winning economist to see the appeal of that.

Perhaps more significant though is how we go about achieving that aim. You could say the days of picking the latest off-the-shelf investment fund are over. For us they never got started.

We’ve always believed in a more holistic approach: we look at your overall life goals, prioritise them, agree on a clear and robust strategy based on your expectations and put it into action.

About our money management service

  • Of the top performing 200 funds 5 years ago, none are currently still in the top 200 – when did you last review your portfolio?
  • Monthly reporting to keep you informed and in control
  • A clear investment process, which shows the value we add to your portfolio
  • Annual reviews of your attitudes on investment risk to ensure you have the right portfolio for your needs