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Breaking down the financial options
at a time of break-up

Family break-up is sadly becoming all the more common these days. If and when it happens, emotions usually run high- talking money is an added stress at a particularly difficult time.

Yet sorting out finances is, like it or not, an inevitable part of family break-up. Making sure it is dealt with fairly and properly needs more than just knowledge of the law or a head for numbers.

At RMS, we can offer you access to leading expertise in financial advice around separation or divorce (with or without dependents) to help you achieve an outcome that will put your mind at rest.

About our family-break up advice service

  • Financial forecasting to help you understand the impact of decisions you make
  • Advice on what financial arrangements to keep
  • Clear advice and support when emotions are running high
  • Over 25 years experience in advising clients
  • Integrated approach working with your solicitor to achieve the best result for you