Offshore Residents

Don’t take a risk and end up making
a costly mistake

Many ex-pats enjoy the financial benefits of working in tax-friendly countries overseas. But sadly, many have also found out the hard way what can go wrong too.

  • Regulation for offshore-based financial advisers is either poor or non-existent – in most cases
  • They don’t even need to have a proper qualification to offer advice
  • They are still paid on a commission-based model (now illegal in the UK) – but while you pay for it, they do not need to disclose how much you’re paying
  • Lack of clarity on costs with hidden high charges and fees
  • No financial ombudsman to go to seek redress if things go wrong

Taking that all into account, you can see why many unsuspecting investors have ended up being mis-sold to or losing money. Ask yourself ‘what if?’ and you’ll see that it’s not worth the risk.