Offshore Residents

Helping you put a long-term plan in place

The future. To some, even the very words put them on edge – it’s easier to live in the here and now. But of course, we all have future goals. And more often than not, they need to be paid for.

For us, the money comes last. The priority is to get to know you as an individual by talking through your long-term aspirations and when you want to achieve them by.

Whether that’s paying your children’s education, investing in property or simply a major life purchase, we’ll help you take steps now to make it a reality later.

About our products to save for the future

  • Portable – so as you move around your plan can come with you
  • Transparent – No hidden fees or undisclosed commission
  • Flexible – Increase, decrease, stop or start – no charges or penalties for doing this
  • Tax free growth
  • Want to hold cash or invest in the markets – you can do both in one place
  • Pay for what you use – Fees and charges reflect what you need us to do for you and are agreed up front, putting you in control