About RMS

Before the ‘what’ or the ‘how’, comes the ‘why’

With continuing economic turbulence and a raft of legislative changes over recent times, making sense of the financial world gets ever more difficult. At RMS, our starting point is not the market.

We start with an honest discussion to understand your aspirations in life. Because before we can talk about the ‘what ’and the ‘how’, we need to understand ‘why’ you have come to see us.

Only then do we identify the best financial strategies to realise your goals, maximising returns and minimising costs. Our goal is to make a difference – the value of anything is the difference it makes.

The benefits of the RMS approach

  • You get a clearer financial picture based on your stated needs, giving you peace of mind
  • You get a collaborative approach, which keeps you informed and puts you in control
  • You get complete transparency and clarity of costs and fees upfront
  • You get a living wealth management solution that evolves with your needs
  • You get continual monitoring to identify issues that may impact on your plan and suggest new tactics, allowing you to make the right choices